Welcome to The Goat! 

(It’s about awesomeness)

Welcome, dear reader, to our (admittedly small, but hopefully comforting) corner of the internet. We are happy to have you here. Please look around, throw your feet up on the couch and stay awhile.

I’d like to say The Goat is the result of months of hard work, planning, and late night editorial meetings. In truth, though I won’t get into the messy details, we have been working frantically over the last month or so to put together a site that somewhat resembles professionalism. So if you leave our site thinking, “that was kind of like a real web site”, well then, mission accomplished.

So, what is The Goat? And why is it about awesomeness? The answers to these questions and more are below in a quick Q&A. Enjoy!

Q: What is The Goat?

A: The Goat is a place for us to talk about the t

hings that really matter, namely, sports and pop culture. We guarantee there will be music and pop culture commentary, some actual data analysis (sports and otherwise), interesting and creatively used profanity (you may learn a new application of old curses), and hopefully no more than one illegitimate love child per year.

Q: Why “The Goat”?

A: Good question. I don’t really know. I haven’t thought to ask the other editors who chose the name. It could stand for the “Greatest of All Time”, or it could literally be a shitty, grass chewing goat. The longer I go without knowing, the less I want to know. I will let the readership decide.

Q: Why is it “about awesomeness”?

A: Really, you are asking that question? What else should it be about?

Q: Should I bother reading The Goat? What’s in it for me?

A: Ah, a hard hitting question, and a fair one at the same time. As avid internet junkies, we recognize there is already waaaaay too much content on the web, but we feel we have something to contribute. Or maybe we don’t, I’m not quite sure. I was in a band once and we mostly played joke pop songs. We played every Monday night, got paid in beer, and wrote songs that we thought were funny. Most of the 10-15 people who bothered to come didn’t think they were nearly as funny as we did, except for one guy who religiously attended all the shows by himself, drank a single Coke, didn’t talk to anyone, and then went home. We called him Super Fan. So we made one person’s life enjoyable (unless he hate watched us, which is entirely possible). Anyway, maybe you, dear reader, are our Super Fan, and something about our quasi-coherent, amateur-hour ramblings will connect with you. Or you are a hate-reader, and just want to make mean-spirited statements about our personal hygiene and sexual preferences in the comments sections. Either way, The Goat is your oyster.

Q: Supposing I decide to stick around, what can I expect from The Goat?

A: Well, we aren’t entirely bereft of ideas and a plan. You can expect weekly columns on the frustration of fantasy football as well as weekly rankings of the NHL and NBA’s most crushingly disappointing franchises. We will have quarterly (or there about) music reviews, letting you know whether you should bother listening to the recent high profile releases. There will be life advice from a degenerate womanizer with a heart of gold and comfort advice from an actual doctor (almost a doctor, at least). And that is just a taste of things to come. Oh, and there will be awesomeness, because that is what we here at The Goat are all about.