NFL Week 10 Headlines: Notes from around the Water Cooler

CIN 17- BAL 20 :

Andy Dalton: Quarterback, redhead, heartbreaker  

Just like the boy next door, if your neighbor was a wildly inconsistent QB prone to bad decisions. And a ginger.   

 CHI 19- DET 21:

Cutler forced out of action due to groin pull

For once Brett Farve’s “sex machine” is not to blame.

 WAS 27- MINN 34 :

Alfred Morris runs wild over Minnesota, Mike Shanahan runs out on bar tab

QB Embattled Coach skimps out on bill; bar staff “ok with it” as the Washington coach will soon be unemployed.  

 NY 24 – OAK 20:

New York Giants started at the bottom…now they’re 3-6

Sky’s the limit for the boys in blue!

 Monday Night: TB 22- MIA 19 :

Despite poor performance, Miami teammates come to Icognito’s defense: “he’s not a racist; he’s just a perfect asshole.”

In other news, Incognito was awarded the most “villainous” name of the 2013, narrowly beating out perennial favorite Voldermort Von Death Machine.