A quick round-up of the week's NFL action.

Admit it; you felt sorry for him. You were close to writing him off. For so long Tom Brady was so good, and then all of the sudden it looked like his star was starting to lose it luster. Even the Jets (the freaking J-E-T-S-!) we’re having their way with him.  How far the mighty had fallen; one minute you’re posing with goats and dominating everything in sight, the next minute you’re dressed as a lion and dancing like an idiot at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade[1]. Nothing stays gold forever.

Poor Larry Fitzgerald. I feel sorry for him. Sure he’s got the cars, the fame, and unbelievable talent; but he has no purpose. Deep down he knows that a WR is only as good as the guy throwing to him, and for the last 4 years the Cardinals have had Jack-no one lined up under center. Kevin Kolb? Matt Leinhart? Carson Palmer? What a waste of talent. It’s like buying a $1000 suit and wearing it to Red Lobster.